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16 Oct 2021
Task 2 Some people say the best way to improve road safety is to increase the minimum legal age for driving a car or motor-bike.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Road safety issues have become more and more prominent in recent years, and there are many known and unknown factors behind them. Therefore, I tend to disagree with the simplistic idea that by just increasing the minimal legal age for driving can improve the current situation.

First of all, the mere rise in the number of cars, trucks and motorcycles on the road is the strongest factor in safety issues. This is common sense because if there are more and more vehicles and drivers, it will be less and less safe for everyone and it will dramatically increase the likelihood of traffic accidents on a daily basis. Given this knowledge, one effective solution is to limit the number of driving licenses issued to car drivers. In many big cities of the developing world, such as Beijing and Shanghai, the government has made a number of policies to put such a restraint on car numbers in urban areas.

Also, road safety is being more and more threatened by the phenomenon called “road rage”. And that is a pretty much widespread occurrence as it covers almost all age groups, both genders and different cultural and social backgrounds. Even some well-educated people who behave politely and decently in other situations have been found to show various degrees of road rage. Although sociologists are still puzzled at the mystery of road rage, one obvious reason is that many drivers are in the habit of ignoring traffic rules and regulations by infringing on the rights of others, who often tend to retaliate by giving them a hard time on the road. You can imagine what would happen when both sides are so emotionally charged while driving a high-speed vehicle.

In conclusion, while imposing a higher legal age may serve to cut down on the number of teenage and immature drivers, it is not an effective solution at all. As mentioned above, road safety is a complex issue that requires a complete package of solutions and strategies from governments, car manufacturers and millions of individual drivers.

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